how to win at losing your mind​.​.​. (ultra version) 008

by Awesome Pete's Applied Magic

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Sterling Toles approves of this.


released September 9, 2019

Mastered by Fumitake Tamura


all rights reserved



Butter Made Records Detroit, Michigan

Unapologetic, Progressive Music

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Track Name: concert band
holding it together?
viscous grip
still got it though, i don’t know
sprint? limp?
don’t trip off anything in particular
general panic
the drain, the wind
variation depend on the state i’m in
mechanisms protect. and i’m grateful to them
but you’re way too oily
dripping in places
slipping in places
skipping some places
you missing them places
missing the memory
missing mentality
missing development
missing the mind
peep what you’re doing though
look at what’s happening
buddy, you’re bugging
Track Name: mezzo
kyanite magnetize all the right hops
slide it on the toast deliver that
chivalry swoop it in like the intro, real gentle
you ever seen that spinning ball? when it stall?
cessation of incessant talk, in your mental
cessation as in cease or stop
see what i mean?
we on the road experiencing all of these things
the slippery the tortoise shell
the hold it down
the counter spun levity
the zero zone
the no exist pattern zone
no matter zone
could not be known
cause that alone
would make it so
the in and out
the up and down
and all that shit
the positivity and polarity
the other side is where a nega be
why i gotta be on the side of anything
i’m smooth

can you hear it?
it’s happening
who is that
saying that?

why would i have to make another disturbance?
i was lounging, smooth
but now it’s emerging
that’s how it go
when you deal with the to and fro
how you gonna get away from?
it’s the usual
amped up
then you bump back to the bottom
but baseline ain’t a base
when there ain’t a problem
on either side
everybody in chorus
everybody thesaurus
everyone in accordance
not even a single line
to overstate it, a node
to accurate, a not
a nothing at all
that’s what i’m talking about
iron the agitations like medications
and make it smooth
like everything cool
like no tensions
complaints to mention
no stresses, blessings or nothing
can’t be picking and choosing
Track Name: smells of gnosis
where i’m from
niggas say whatupdoe
trying to get up on a hoe for a busto
at the gas station where they serve custos
so they sprinkle little crumbs in they bluntroll
thanks goodness, never been my lifestyle
i’m in the lab
looping up live styles
hype sounds
tight sounds, right sounds
despite how
everybody else might sound

we just started
you can see that he’s an artist
Cesare Leonardi
Yinka Shonibare
different version
dropping hits like i’m Gershwin
it’s for certain
i’m not a person or an earthling
saw a serpent
emerging up the tree of truth
ate the lion’s head
told it how to break the loop
it was Slytherin
something like the way it move
i remembered it
put it to your favorite groove
what a great improvement
how we shut it off
underboss trying to bribe
like “what’s the cost?”
it’s a bust
take it back before the dust
same as after dust
who say blasphemous?
you should ask yourself
“what happened to us?”
Sophie’s choice
enticed by this awful noise
sound of voice
something like the sound of vice
we ain’t acting right
impossible to pacify
took a taste
now she got the appetite
fient out
blowing on the bagpipe
Track Name: different things
like the marshmallow on a stick
the result of a camel bic flick
buddy, it's smokey

green lens in the goggle
reflective seam slacks
far as hip hopping,
i could even rip it for a rabbit
damn the nigga pulled me out the hat
what does it mean?
to think it all started with an alternating current
what this one wanted
was the opposite of
what this one wanted
now, we’re dropping in
to a mystical occurrence
of mythical proportions
like, “whoa, we’re almost scorching”
sun was ever red
while the whisper in the mind
disfigured from the fright
clock, run it back,
no, get it right
pulled in to a portal
through the eye of a tornado
halo circling
passing like the dreidel
rip your little ego from its cradle
disabled incapable
you’re unstable
you’re overheating
Track Name: slippery
wax on a cake
wax on a plate
looking at my limits from a bird’s view
man, you look stupid
but not no con kind
consolidate my mind
nemesis find the mark…
watch me break down
like the good part

what just happened though?
you was just doing well
now you’re freaking out
look at my hand
the way it’s flipping you
spinning you right round
the downward spiral
you’re losing your grip
i’m the monster in full effect
1, 2 mic check
i’m in command now
what can you do
in the teeth
of a beast
no relief on your chest
though your efforts increase

what are you saying though?
i don’t believe you
you’re still talking though…

yeah, mass distraction
that’s my mission
i’m your competition
i know you’re wishing
i was out of here
but i’m all in here
in this realm i believe
they call me FEAR
why the f*** you dreaming?
really there’s no reason
don’t you know i can shut your whole life down?
that’s my favorite button
i’ma push it right now
Track Name: the great yet
say too may words
simplify terms
the best way to rap
is with silence
the negative space
the regular way
i take it away
smash it to piece
i mastered the way
of prose
Baphomet speaks
pierced as the athemet
after they seek
with a thirst for the whole
the verse is a clear quartz cluster for those
who can interpret
the scared pulsations
of the rhythm
that i’m making
while i’m taking
more time
as the impression
settle and shine in your mind
like a beacon of truth
leading you
to The Great Unknown

fails to access the properties
of actual peace
your greatest device toward remembering
how it should be
like washed in the sea
so powerfully
you’re cleansed
Dr. Bronner would be
so proud
and honored to be
in attendance
when the shroud is dropped
the saints go march
the whole shit stop
Chronos can no longer
hold his clock
put it down
like an insult
erase space like pink part of pencil
all processes past participle
_i’m only talking bout peace
unlatch attachment
Track Name: anvil smash
aspirations apparitions
when i’m apparent
i’m the weapon
don’t bother doing shit

now that’s what you call an ass kicking
set the scheme to let a nigga think that he was winning
form the beginning
but then it hit you
like the anvil smash
you see the sound, the sine, the sin
and then you can’t go back
to the Non
the beyond before and behind
heary what the hunger say
watch me respond
bound by the bond
bind bendy up you mind quick
but would i rather not find this?
i get offended
when my mind get twisted
in this manner
Track Name: you got it
whoa, little buddy
you ain’t got it yet
still tripping
need to snap out of that
oh you in a trance
what you need a sound effect?
or a real slap
real slaps don’t sound like that
still living in a cloak
with your wisdom roped
can’t get your ducks in a row
and on a different note
your pain is visible
issues, with your physical
your gifts are misused
issues, with your spiritual
tie a rope around it
could only try to bound it
but to bind it
is blind it
put junk behind it
like a cellar door
you can do better more
like release it
unleash it
and be at ease with
any turbulence
you know where the worry went
toward the visual
of getting where you
need to be
see how we harness
transmute the energy
like a crucible
oh we just remove the cloak

whoa, little buddy
i think you got it

while i’m sleeping
i be making transactions
while i’m peeking
through veils
of another realm
new dimensions
this is not a color known
to perceptions
processed in the human brain
can’t remember
there is no point of reference
or mnemonic
the rhythm
san francisco
try to mimic
the essence
of my experience
with the blind eye
looking through a fly’s eye
can you see it?
to perceive it?
couldn’t understand it
all i could do was be it
oh we plugging in
looking at another win
i see you in there
all them saints coming in
cutting through the holy chatter
the whistle in the crystal
said it wasn’t matter
Track Name: truth or square
you can’t knock me off my square
cause my square
is everywhere
’87 that "Impeach..." snare
what the dialogue
tell em what the rhyme about
blow they mind about
when they go and find it out
take it from the best
now i’m Awesome too
like Teddy Ted
rocking with the Nice & Smooth
check yourself
this is what my mic’ll do
shatter limits of illusion like Michael do
i might find a few
rhymes to inspire you
battle what was binding you
heights that you are climbing to
higher than the Eiffel Tower
higher than the flight of foul
fire from my bottom bowel
spirit make a nigga say it
feel it when you hear me say it
feel it like you hit a Saiyan
bet you never try no stupid shit like this again
give you what you missing then
when you thank me “don’t mention it”
handling my business cause this is what i was meant to do
talking to you spirit
don’t pay attention to physical
all apprehension is smashed
check me out
come correct with the spell on the check
to make me out
cause i ain’t mad at grabbing the cash
before we out
nature is what i’m about
abundance is what nature about
i’m on that
swift, changeable
switch up mangle flow
glow untamable
something like an angler
why your brain tangled up?
you might not understand what i’m saying at first
a century from now
this will be playing at church
i put my thing down
then i flip it reverse it
as i string the words together
like i wrote it cursive
the verse is immersive
but we just surfing the surface
if it’s easy is it worthless?
it’s just that it’s easy cause it’s motherf***in perfect
no prob
oh you thought that he would stop?
i’m determined like a fob
who think they got it locked
i get it open like a fob
watch me elevate the shit
no contaminate the shit
i’ma motivate and stimulate
like renovate the crib
that’s improving how you live
i’m a student and i give
my attention to intentions
of the Buddha that’s within
my pursuit of this is clear
for the ruin that is near
not trying to get caught up in the bullshit here

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